There is a better way !


The STIFFY BAG is made from a durable metallic foil bubble wrap material with a strong plastic lining which prevents snagging.

It is strong, light and fire resistant offering a very high level of product protection.

Adhesive tape can be used to seal the bags and simply removed without tearing the foil backing making it reusable.

It is highly cost effective because it can be used over and over again.

No more time consuming wrapping or re-wrapping, the picture is simply slipped into the StiFfy Bag


New Feature

Painting Information Wallet

Allows the Stiffy Bag user to easily identify the contents of the bag at a glance.

Also links the Stiffy Bag to a particular painting to make re-packaging even quicker

This wallet is a no cost optional extra to make using the StiFfy Bag even easier